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It's been two weeks since the last update and here's what's new:
Screenshots (some links screwed up):
Views: 41382 | Added by: gtavcdblgee | Date: 16 Sep 2008 | Comments (305)


My newest project - Vice City Supreme is a total conversion mod for VC which changes most of the things in the game creating a new experience for the player. The story is based on 1994. Tommy now owns one of the mansions in Prawn island and basically continues ruling Vice City. But during the years things have changed, now Vice City is a much larger place and features much more buildings and areas that have not existed in the previous story line. During the new story Tommy meets some his old friends and enemies as well as new characters. All vehicles are replaced with conversions from SA. Many new features and extras will be added in this mod.


- New story line - 15%... Read more »
Views: 1380 | Added by: gtavcdblgee | Date: 03 Sep 2008 | Comments (4)

Just a short message: I am aware that the size of the banner is fucked up, meaning too small. I will take care of that soon.
Views: 581 | Added by: gtavcdblgee | Date: 16 May 2008 | Comments (0)

Hello everybody! It was quite a while but i have good news. I just started a small new map project. Its called... Ghost... something. I dunno what im gonna name it yet but its a large deserted island with a huge old factory converted from SA on it. It looks pretty cool. I think im gonna add a few scripts and change a bit of textures and stuff but heres a screenshot. Enjoy.

Abondoned Factory

Views: 697 | Added by: gtavcdblgee | Date: 10 May 2008 | Comments (1)

Grand Prawn Island V.3 Trailer released. You can view it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=26zFFnn_JJw
Views: 815 | Added by: gtavcdblgee | Date: 10 Apr 2008 | Comments (2)

Welcome to back and i just want to inform all that tommorow the V.3 is out. All data + readme is finished im just going to work on the cover now. Here is some brief info:
* CAR SHOP on the Island
* Studio pimped out
* Industrial area removed and replaced with houses (my style houses)
* New weapon and car spawns
* Helipad with helicopter
* All shit and graffiti removed from walls
* New textures
* Custom Tommy's Sabre
* Custom Tommy Skin
* New Clothes pickups
* Full savegame script
* Save pickup avalible in Tommy's mansion
* Mension interior fixed up
* New HD palm Trees
* New HUD special Savespot blip
Check out screenshots section.
Views: 808 | Added by: gtavcdblgee | Date: 13 Mar 2008 | Comments (2)

Welcome back and as you can see the site has been cleaned up and updated with some fresh maps and that whole blue design looked really messed up. Grand Prawn Island V.2 has been released but with a major mistake. Have you looked carefully at the cover? It spells Grand P(r)awn Island without the R. Well atleast its released unlike the V.1 and you could be rather pleased that the V.2 avilible here and on thegtaplace.com (soon) is a special version. The one avalible on gtainside is a normal version. There is a very small difference which people will not even notice. New Leaf Links Golf Place Beta 4 is soon going to be finished but until then i will hook you up with fresh screenshots in the screenshot section.
New Textures
Views: 676 | Added by: gtavcdblgee | Date: 08 Mar 2008 | Comments (6)

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